When Quarantine Ends…

I apologize if you’re tired of all things quarantine & Covid 19 related, but with little else on the calendar, it’s been the main source of my inspiration and life lessons lately. So if you can bear it, I’d be thrilled to have you continue reading!

I’ve seen several posts, memes, and captions from people deeming their 2020 planners as useless purchases, and to be honest I laughed and cringed at the same time.

I have absolutely nothing scheduled today but I opened my planner for the first time in a week simply because I miss the hint of structure and the satisfaction of crossing things off when I complete them.

In my life I’ve had God completely change enough plans to learn that I’m not in control. No matter how neatly I fill my calendar, I can’t write reality, so I don’t make plans too far out anymore. But this time without plans entirely has taught me a whole new lesson in relinquishing control. I don’t see my template of the year printed and bound into a book as a ‘planner’ anymore, I see it as lists of goals and habits that I need accountability and structure to accomplish.

So as April comes to a close and the quarantine begins to lift, it’s got me thinking about what to put in the planner for May. What do I want to be held accountable too? What will our new normal be? What things that were on the calendar for March will return, and what won’t?

Aside from health & safety, my main prayer in this season has been that when the storm passes over we come out of this as a different culture. Maybe we’ll be more inclined to support small and local businesses, have stronger habits of calling each other just to check in and offering to bring groceries to friends just to help, and with better hand washing habits. Maybe we’ll keep the habits of spending more time walking outside and drive a little slower.
Maybe we’ll simply look out for one another more.

Since the beginning of quarantine I’ve felt an internal conflict of guilt and relief that it hasn’t been a terribly tough time for me. It’s actually been a really refreshing season. Having time off of major plans to reset, try new things, pick up old hobbies, and reevaluate habits that were wearing on my schedule and energy has brought me a lot of joy. I know covid-19 is a real threat and truly affected people so I don’t take it lightly, but I’m extremely grateful that my family has been able to stay pretty healthy and I’ve found some rays of hope in all of this.

I know this isn’t a super inspiring post with any crazy new clincher so if you made it to the end of my personal little musings I thank you for reading! And I’d like to leave you with the same question I’m still mulling over myself, “Who do you want to be as we emerge from the fog of quarantine?”


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