2020 Vision

I may have bawled my eyes out through the entirety of the movie The Art of Racing in the Rain (I recommend it, but have tissues on hand.) but I did manage to note a few lines that struck me. This one is my favorite:

“The car goes where your eyes go.”

I’m not one to lay out a five year step by step plan or narrow my yearly vision too tightly because my weakness is a tendency to get so consumed by the detail of those things that I get tunnel vision and miss other opportunities. I want to be open to new routes along the way, but there is so much truth to setting your focus on where you want to go, what you want to accomplish, and who you want to be to keep your vision clear.

Thinking about a goal once or twice in passing doesn’t make it enough to motivate your choices along the way.

Driving, boating, flying, horse-back riding; whatever you expect to carry you, it goes where you set your gaze. You can’t look at the steering wheel and expect to stay in your lane, or look at your feet and run a marathon. And you can’t focus on the distractions to your left or right and expect to keep moving forward. It’s a pretty basic rule of good driving, but how easy it is to forget in our daily busy lives where distractions and unexpected events seem endless.

As this new year rolls in, it feels like the perfect time for us to be encouraged to lift our eyes intentionally. To evaluate where we’ve come from and what we’ve learned and seek out some new goals. To reset ourselves to be open to what God is trying to show us on the horizon and work on following through.

When I was in flight lessons my instructor used to remind me to look forward with a simple rule: “10% cockpit instruments, 90% window.” The time and attention we spend planning, thinking, or researching should be much smaller than the time we spend actually working ahead and looking at where we need to go.

You can’t look at a planner with carefully crafted lists and plans and schedules and expect any of its color coated dreams to magically come to fruition. You’ve got to set your eyes where you want to go, and then actually hit the gas.

Stop and take a look at your surroundings today. Who’s behind you cheering you on toward your goals? Who’s in the lane next to you supporting you along the way? Now look ahead.

Where are your eyes going?

My 2020 vision is to have a more clear awareness of my Lord’s presence and His love for me. To act more selflessly as a wife & friend. & continue posting at least once a month to continue exercising my writing.

Happy New Year friends! Thanks for helping me reach 2019’s goal of publishing one post a month!


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