Christmas Moments Photo Journal

Despite the consistently warm weather and lack of snow in south Florida, December naturally ushers in a time of Christmas carols, homemade sweets, parties, and of course, family photos!

This year I had the privilege of taking photos for this family!  They wanted to capture some Christmas adventure at a local tree farm with their kids and it was such a joy to capture this moment for them.

In my photos I strive for two kinds of clarity.

Clarity of art; honing the skill of taking better quality photos, adjusting light to best frame my subjects, and edit in a way that keeps the focus natural as every photographer should.

Clarity of expression.  In photoshoots like this I’m reminded that taking a perfect picture is not about a perfect pose, backdrop or focus, but rather about capturing the moment that accurately depicts a memory.  A perfect picture contains the unique character of the people in the portrait and represents them honestly.

In these boys I see joy in being the leaders and a protective nature over their little sister.  In her, I see a precious passion for God’s creation in her admiration of Christmas trees and ponies as well as her joy in being a Daddy’s girl.  I am always amazed that I can learn all these intimate details about people through my camera lens.

I’ve learned to embrace the photo-bombers, goofy faces, the jokesters and personal character of every photo, and there I see the sweetness of each moment.

My dear friends, thank you for allowing me the joy capturing these special moments with your family not only with my lens but with my heart!
Merry Christmas!


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