Darling Endure the Dark

Your life is a ray of sunlight, dimming beneath the horizon,
with it fades all stamina your heart seemed to possess.
As the sun gradually sets, your head is grounded from the clouds,
plunging you, exhausted and breathless, into the darkness of night.
The night is dreary, solitary.
Darkness is thick with grief, pain,
and echoes of a wondering, wandering heart
but darling endure the dark.
Although darkness trails every picturesque sunset,
a glorious sunrise trails every dark night.
Your life is a ray of sunlight, saturated with morning colors, beaming over the horizon.
In a moment the earth is lit, and the sky is relieved of dark clouds; sunrise.
As the sun sets don’t lose heart,
darling endure the dark.

The sun will rise.
The sun will set.
The sun will rise again.
darling endure the dark.

Soak in warmth,
embrace light,
daily with courage embark,
and oh darling,

endure the dark.

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