the living forest

A portrait is forming in my heart, I feel the reality of it in my soul.  The image is simple, the message deep, its purpose vast.   A forest of people surround me like budding oak trees.  Our roots thick and intertwined in ways unseen are strong upon the Foundation we share. 
Our branches and leaves spread with the warmth of the Sun’s rays and bear fruit as they soak in living water from the river weaving between us.
In silence we grow, in the wind of storms we stand firm and hold each other fast.  As challenges and trials arise, we spread our branches around each other.  The further we reach, the stronger our roots intertwine. 
Every tree is nurtured and the forest expands.  Each new set of roots attaching to the foundation brings a wave of life and joy over the entire forest.  As we grow our force grows.  This forest is my shelter, these oaks are my fellow soldiers.  They are my family.
When one member hurts the entire forest hurts.  But as it shares pain, the entire forest shares strength and brings aid to any hurting oak.  The forest is not simply a scene to admire, it’s a shelter to those in need and a home for the weary.

To serve is our lives.
To worship is our roots.
To love is our song.

When the winds of trials come, the tree that failed to grow deep roots will bend with the storms.  One vein at a time it will disconnect from the forest and wither away.  Without solid roots a tree that thirsts but does not drink will topple in life’s storms.

My roots are prayer.
My roots are family.
My roots are scripture.

The forest of trees is my family in Christ.

My Sun is the Son who mediates for me.
My river of living water is my Father and Savior.

Psalm 1.  Jeremiah 17.  Matthew 7.


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