sweet adventure

Today was pure sweet adventure.

My camera battery died five minutes into the action.
My nutritious dinner from the mini market was pringles, a peach, a foreign brand of snack bar, and spoon of Italian nutella.
I am no longer drenched in sweat simply because it was washed away by the rain water I’m now soaked in.
I stood 1,281 meters above the Gulf of Naples.
I had to catch my breath whilst repeatedly blurting ‘wow’ at the craters edge.
But I’m not complaining about any of it; today was an adventure!

The past 27 days of my life have been some of the most adventurous, thrilling, and eye-opening!

I love the freedom of backpacking: the flexibility to hop on a train and arrive in another country overnight, the creativity of meals on the go, the chore of laundry done by hand in the sink, and the laughter of pure joy floating above the cobblestone streets.

Not every moment is perfect.  Rain falls when you want to see the sun and the sun scorches when you want a shady place to rest.  Attitudes grow cranky and exhausted and smiles play hide and seek when stuffed backpacks begin to weigh you down.

But with everything you own for the month strapped to your back you learn to be very thankful for every moment, for every cold glass of water, for a/c that works and for any train station bench to rest your head.  You begin to be thankful for the comforts of home and convenience of a common language.  You also begin to be thankful for the imperfections; the differences in culture and the people you struggle to communicate with are filled with lessons to learn and life to share.

The adventurous life is not perfect, but the experiences, the memories; the card games each evening and gelato each afternoon, the views from the mountain tops and tastes of local pizzerias, the ache of well worn shoes and adrenaline of sneaking into catacombs, all reside perfectly in my adventurous heart.


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