Realizations of a backpacker leaving fear far behind

So many places you want to go,
but fear holds you home.
So many things you wish to experience,
but fear holds you back.
So many mountains you want to climb,
but fear holds you down.
So many languages you want to speak,
but fear keeps you silent.
Fear is the barrier between your soul and your soles.
Your heart wanders the world through photographs and stories re-told,
but fear secures your feet to familiar ground.
It delays joy, turning colorful hopes and dreams into grey regrets and might-have-beens
It feels so immense and overbearing,
few have the courage to overcome it.
Thousands cower in its shadow,
and those who immerge realize light was just in reach all along, waiting to be grasped.
Fear magnifies itself
But is oh so small
Fear weighs down the mind
But is oh so light
Fear screams its loudest
But is oh so quiet
Fear is not the grand power it portrays
Fear can be conquered by any heart with passion
One still sitting in the dark must simply take action

2 thoughts on “Realizations of a backpacker leaving fear far behind

  1. Hi there,

    I came across your blog from goodreads and I thought I'd connect with you.
    I myself am a fellow blogger as well. I am hosting a weekly LinkUp where you add links to your blog posts. Since I am fairly new to blogging, I've been trying to get this out there.

    Would love for you to participate! And hopefully spread the word. The person with the most votes on their link will be featured in next week's Tuesdays TOTD Linkyparty 🙂

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  2. Hello!

    Thank you for reading my blog! I'm checking out yours right now! I would love to share your link with some friends and would be ever so grateful if you would share mine on one of your Sunday Feature Posts!

    I'll look into the LinkUp as well, it sounds cool! If you're ever looking for a guest post let me know! I'm looking for any opportunities to expand my writing abilities and connect with other bloggers!

    God bless!

    Thank you!


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