Sand, Sunshine, Smiles, & Saltwater

Enclosed by concrete walls and grey paints,
mind and body stressed with to-do lists and complaints

Faces pale from indoor air and 45 watt bulbs,
legs wear from pacing,
living on roads that never curve.

Sometimes we let everything overwhelm us.
But honestly, everything is nothing.
Little things distract us so easily
and we forget what we truly need.

Standing here on a grainy, rocky shore,
A five year old’s giggle tells me there is more.

Please know,
Your family is greater than your appearance.
And your friends are greater than your social status.

Please know,
The people serving you are greater than the service you receive.
and perfection is something you will simply never achieve.

There are greater challenges among us.

Looking into the brightest smile I’ve ever seen,
my soul aches to share with you and rebuild within me,
a heart that trusts.

We tire from the mundane things we submerge ourselves into.
We need to resurface and breathe,
take a moment, absorb the beauty of the beach.

This one little smile taught me so much.
How to care for my heart and still share its love.
This one little smile, if put into words,
would sing you his song of the sea and the birds.

Savor the taste of the sea and the sky,
Ask aloud when your heart wonders why,
When your body aches and feet begin to totter,
Sometimes you need a dose of sand, sunshine, smiles, & saltwater.

~Dedicated to dear little Hudson who is battling Cancer and inspired me with his smile~


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