Photographs.  Snapshots.  Instas.  Portraits.  Pictures.  Kodaks.  Polaroids.
We love images.
It’s like we crave the nostalgic high from photos.
Old photos.
Family photos.
Artistic photos.
I’m obsessed with them!
Cherished memories.
Familiar places.
Things I’ve accomplished.
Things I hope to achieve.
I love reliving moments and capturing a silent emotion in the form of a photo.  Don’t you?
There is something beautiful about the ability to secure every detail of a scene in a single frame that can be viewed on a screen or printed on glossy paper for years to come.
I’m so thankful for photographs.  But I don’t live in them. 
Though the moment is preserved, time proceeds onward.
Photos are to cherish,
To bring joy,
Photos are not to restrain you,
Not to bring sorrow.
Nothing appears the same in every picture.  You grow and mature, locations are weathered by the elements.
Life continues.
Cherish old photos.
Take new ones.
Savor every moment.
Say ‘cheese’ with your parents.
Put your arm around your siblings.
Continue to take sweet photographs.

And see life through the thankful looking glass.

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