Take a look in the mirror
Is your view blurry or clear?
Odds are you’ve changed,
Your life has been rearranged.
The you looking in the mirror could never be predicted,
It’s the you that has survived hard work and felt convicted.
You’ve grown.  You’ve matured.  You’ve lived through sorrows and harsh words.
You’ve fought the good fight and endured.
Change is painful
Sometimes sacrificial.
It takes time and effort,
Change is water in the desert.
Only now, looking back, do you see how it was beneficial,
Only now, looking on, do you see why it’s vital.
Only now, looking in the mirror, do you see past your own skin,
you see your soul, see where you begin.
Take courage
Have hope
March up this slope.
No matter what your struggle is,
No matter how perilous,
Continue your endeavors,
Brave the stormy weather,
You’re molding clay taking shape,
Let the transformation occur,
Stop seeking escape.

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