We are often reminded that in the times of trials, God is always with us.  We are encouraged that God still speaks in the storms.

-But what about the times of peace?-

Walking along the shore of the ocean, with loud crashing waves and howling winds, it seems we hear God, or learn to, through the chaos.

But walking beside a still sea, no wind, no waves, no imminent struggles and maybe no clear goals, only a vague horizon, do you hear God?
Things are peaceful.  You’re blessed.  You’re happy.  You feel genuine rest.  But it’s quiet…

You pray.
You study.
You memorize.

Gradually, you’re growing.  You’re producing fruit.  You’re life is productive.  You’re education is excelling.  You’re career is on the rise.  Your slow mornings with books and cups of tea or coffee and music energize you for the day ahead.

But it’s quiet….

God’s voice, as much as you seek it.  listen for it.  beg for it.  is still quiet.
He isn’t giving you the clear answer you’re asking for.  He has given you only a blurred horizon filled with endless opportunities.

You walk beside the water in silence.

Be encouraged!  As you walk in the silence, you are not alone!
Silence, is a sound of its own.


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