Passion. more than a three day conference.

Passion: a powerful emotion, compelling feeling or strong desire.  Extravagant or amorous fondness.

Passion: a gathering of college students and young adults, bound in worship and prayer for spiritual awakening.

There is something surreal about packing your necessities into a backpack and pillowcase, caravanning with seven dear friends, and seeking God on the road for four days straight, sleeping on floors, sharing clothes, and worshipping together.  I discovered that when you listen to His call to just go, leaving monotony and strict agendas behind, He surprises you with the most marvelous moments, sights, and lessons in life.

So what did I learn at Passion?  I learned to celebrate LIFE, not death.  I learned that God’s beauty is unmatched.  I learned that the essence of the Gospel, of Christianity, of my life, is Jesus Christ.

But God did more than teach me facts and lessons.  He overwhelmed with a sense of humbleness and respect for his power, a new sense of awe and wonder at His power and a joy at the opportunity to be His child.

Even when the band silenced the amplifiers and the preachers said amen, God continued to speak.  In the hospitality of a sweet host family, in board games and car ride conversations, in the gentle rumble of a waterfall and in the silence of a roadside sunset, God spoke.

He spoke of love and protection.  He spoke of power in creation.  He spoke of His Son’s sacrifice.  He spoke how to live the daily Christian life.  He washed over me a passion that can not be learned.  A feeling that can not be taught as fact.  When I did not have the energy to stand to my feet, but only to worship in tears, He spoke.

I thank God for His voice today.  I thank Him for the bonds He tightened and the earthly embraces He loosened.  I thank Him for being my anchor.  I thank Him for His love.  I thank God for passion.

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