Don’t simply start fresh, continue your task.

You feel dry.  Leaves withered and faint.  Branches exhausted.

Though you eat and drink the bread and water of eternal life, you anchor your roots deeper and deeper into your Savior and stretch your hands further and further toward the souls in need.

You expunge your energy in service.  You give and take all that you’ve been called to.

But still, you see no fruit.
You feel you’ve failed.
You expect to see a vivid succulent fig.
Instead you thirst more.

Darling don’t lose heart.

You’re a living, breathing, producing tree.
Rooted in Christ.

Every plant that grows, grows in season.

Every flower that blooms, blooms in season.

The fruit of your life,
your service,
will be visible in season.

Just because you can’t see the fruit does not mean you’ve failed.  Your fruit will blossom in season.

Even if forever hidden from your sight your fruit is feeding the souls who need its spiritual sustenance.

Continue to fight the good fight.

Continue to thirst.

Continue to grow.

Spread your branches.

Continue to serve.

Dont lose heart.

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