“There’s no combination of words I could put on the back of a postcard, no song that I could sing but I could try for your heart.”  -Better Together by Jack Johnson 
It happens so often now. The need to write.  The need for words to flow, to be poetic, to inspire others, is overwhelming.  But when paper comes to pen I’m left at a loss.  Forming thoughts into coherent words feels like the greatest mountain of tasks.  Then I stumble upon the work of others who seem to have taken my thoughts and expressed them greater than I ever could.  (hence the brilliant song quote above)
When my own words finally begin to flow there is interruption.  A buzz of the phone, a task left unfinished, a single moment of distraction and I have to refocus entirely; but back to the point.  Which word is right and which is wrong?  Is this poetic or simply too long?  For a perfectionist it’s a constant struggle to make a poem, song, letter, simple written work, better.  No, best.  The best in can possibly be.  But it seems it can always be better.  So when is it enough?  When is it just right?
Writing something worth reading often feels impossible.  May this post simply serve as practice… Practice in writing something emotionally audible.
The need to write is overwhelming.  And I pray that God will give me the words, for my own are never enough, but His endure forever.

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