First Snow by Leonid Afremov

Do you have a favorite painting?  If you don’t, I encourage you to explore some art.  Whether you Google search the work of a famous artist, or walk through a gallery.  When you find the one you can’t look away from, that’s your favorite.  Enjoy it.
Before I physically show you my favorite painting, I would like to show it to you with words.  I’m sure I won’t do it nearly the justice it deserves, but exercise your imagination with me for a moment.

You gaze out over an ice glazed path, like mirrored glass, that stretches ahead of you with no distinct end.  In the distance is a couple strolling in the stillness, leaning against each other, hands intertwined, exchanging strength.  All that you hope to be someday, portrayed in these two united shadows.  One supportive love and genuine peace.

 Lining the path is a forest of trees slowly fading out of fall.  Whimsical shades of yellow, orange, red, and maroon, are scattered with blue, purple, and white crystal-like hints of winter.  The transformation from one season to another, captured in a seamless scene.

Surrounding the path and filling your eyes, the trees overhead blend from individual creations into a mystic canopy.  On either side, your path is periodically lined with simple sphere lamps, much like the people that serve as influences to our souls.  Just when life gets dark, and you feel you’ve lost your way, another lamp appears, providing the perfect glow for an evening stroll and gently guides you back to truth.  In such soft sweet light, every branch, color, emotion, and tree is reflected upon the path; all a reminder of the season passing away, and the new one drifting into place.

Utterly embraced by color, you breath in the moment with the sudden realization that the entire scene has a splashed and splotchy appearance.  You see the path, the couple strolling, the lamps and the autumn leaves, but you see no defining lines.  The image is given the softest blur, as though you gaze at it through eyes filled with tears.  But through the tears, in that peaceful scene, you smile.

First Snow – a painting by Leonid Afremov 
This is by far, one of the best writing exercises I have ever done.
Find that favorite painting of yours.
Enjoy it.

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