don’t cry because it’s over. smile because it happened.

Summer camp.  Prepare yourself for the emotions.  Not only did we bond over s’mores, late night cabin conversations, early morning meetings, and afternoons on the lake, we bonded in timeless moments of worship, meetings with God’s grace, and hand-in-hand met His mercy.  Together, we encountered the love of Christ.  I could not ask for anything better in such a small span of time.  But it hasn’t ended.  The lessons we learned and the memories we made, the love we now share for each other, the love we share for Christ, the love HE has for US, will never end.  

There is something about being separated from daily life.  Living amongst the bugs and the stars, away from cell phone reception, away from the relentless distractions of the world.  We felt ALIVE.  But it’s not just a feeling, it’s a new life.  We have been called to live as aliens in this world.  To remember that Jesus is better and be an example that draws people to God.  Today is only day one.
The paint that covered our faces and soaked our clothes.  The card games won and the card games lost.  The musical gatherings on a cabin porch or songs aside the fire.  The sunburn on our noses and the burning in our hearts.  The pranks and competition.  The joy of reunion with old friends.  The pain of saying good-bye to both the old and new friends.  It all blends into the sweetest four days of the summer.  
Often during times like summer camp, I complain that I didn’t sleep enough, the food wasn’t ‘good enough’, or just four days wasn’t long enough.  But this year was different.  Beyond all that.  I became satisfied.  I knew that Christ loved me, but I learned how to love Him back.  I knew that Christ was enough, but I learned to desire Him more.  I knew the good-byes would hurt terribly, but I learned that it’s only a ‘see-you-later’ because we will meet again.  I learned what it’s like to be satisfied with Christ. 
 It’s not just the satisfying feeling you get after your favorite filling meal, or when you get everything crossed off your to-do list.  It not even the satisfying feeling that comes from a compliment or acclamation.  It is satisfaction that is out of this world, marvelous, Heavenly even.  Christ is actually, 100%, far more than I will ever need.  He is enough.
If I could write every detail of every moment.  The joy in every team activity and the humbling waves that poured through the worship.  If I could share it all, I would write until camp begins next year.  But today is day one on the mission field, and duty calls.    

One thought on “don’t cry because it’s over. smile because it happened.

  1. Great description of camp. You will cherish these memories forever. Jesus is enough and He is more. He is most glorified when we are satisfied in Him. Love, Mom


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